Summary: the finale – part 1.



Legends and Heroes

By Jeannine Trevizo





Chapter 25: Never Surrender



Anton Mercer hung upside down from his position, tied to the ring that spun in the center of his new prison. Then with a vicious kick, the ring spun as his captor vented his frustration and rage.


“I hope you’re comfortable Anton,” spat Mesogog as he watched the human part of himself spin wildly. “In only a few hours, all your worries will fade. To black.”


Elsa walked in to watch Mesogog’s behavior, and moved to his side as he laughed.


“The separation from Mercer was a stroke of genius master.”


“Yes Elsa, it was. Now, thanks to that genius,” Mesogog began as his attention drifted from Mercer to other matters, he moved to a table, Elsa in tow and pulled up an image of a huge weapon rising from the side of the mountain base they stood in, “the people of Earth will join me. With this weapon I will at last be able to complete my master plan.”


“Your transfiguration beam is magnificent, but will you be able to supply it with enough power?” Elsa questioned.


“Once I get the Dino Gems, I will. But to make sure, I’ll start with the power I’ve given you,” Mesogog informed her, grasping her upper arm with a clawed hand.


Suddenly, a group of TyranoDrones swept into the chamber, grabbing Elsa and dragging her backwards. Quickly they threw her into the chair centered in the room and strapped her into it. As they moved away, Mesogog came and hovered over her struggling form.


“I’ll miss you Elsa, truly I will.”




“So, let me get this straight, you’re going to the movies instead of the biggest social events of the year?” Conner asked as he and Ethan made their way into the Cyberspace.


“It’s not just a movie. It’s the sequel to “Asteroid Conquest”. The greatest sci-fi move of all time.”


“Dude, it’s the prom. It’s tradition.”


“Oh yeah, nice tradition. Smart kids spend the entire semester in agony wondering if they’ll get a date or if they’ll be forced to stand in the corner with all the other smart kids. It’s too painful bro.”


“Whoa. I never thought about it like that.”


“So, you ask Kira yet? Not like she won’t say yes…”


“Yes to what?” asked Kira as she moved to sit next to Conner, flashing him a smile.


“Uh… if you wanted to see the new romantic comedy this weekend,” forced out Conner nervously, and Ethan suppressed a laugh.


“Maybe, I’m not sure. How about we worry about it Friday?”


Before Ethan could comment, Devon appeared from the front door and made a bee line to Conner. With a friendly slap to his arm, Devon got Conner’s attention and


“Hey, Conner,” said Devon. “Got a minute?”


“Sure, what’s up Dev?”


“I just need a quick chat, uh, in private.”




Kira and Ethan just watched amused as Conner followed Devon towards the bar wondering what exactly Devon needed to talk to Conner about.




“Please, don’t,” cried Elsa as she struggled against the bonds holding her to the chair in Mesogog’s lab.


“Try not to move,” Mesogog states simply as he prepared to strip her of the power within her. “Activate.”


From above a stream of energy hit her form, and Elsa writhed under the purple beam. Her cries echoed in the chamber and she writhed in agony until she simply disappeared.


“Now all I need are the dino gems, and the Earth will be mine… mine as I always dreamed it would be. And I know just how to get them…”


With that, he flipped a switch and an invisiportal appeared in the room from nowhere, and deposited an young man in a inglorious thud to the floor. Shaking himself, he looked up and gasped.


“Mesogog…” murmured Trent Fernandez, looking up at the being that shared space with his father.






“No, he’s not here any longer,” Mesogog noted with a toothy grin as he laid a hand to his chest.


“Where is he? Where’s my father? What have you done with him?” Trent asked, now angry.


“Let’s just say he’s in storage.”


“He’d better be alive, or…”


“Or what Trent? What will you do? Call your new friends the Dino Rangers?”


Trent’s face went white. He hadn’t realized that Mesogog knew that he’d learned who the rangers were and had tried to capture him.


“Oh, yes, I know about your deal with them… trying to rescue Anton and capture me. But you failed. And now let’s get to the reason you’re here. You’re going to get me my gems.”


“What?” Trent nearly exclaimed in shock.


“Yes, you will get me the gems and bring them back here.”


“And why should I do that?”


“Because you want your father returned to you alive,” explained Mesogog, making Trent take in a deep breath.


He was suddenly realizing that his options had dwindled to nothing. If he wanted his dad back, he had to make a deal with the devil.


“If you release my father, I’ll get you what you want… just let him go.”


“If I release him, what guarantee do I have that you will deliver on your promise?”


“What guarantee do I have that you’ll let my father go?”


“We are at an impasse. No, we will do this my way. You bring me the gems and then he’s yours. Although I don’t know why you want him. He’s as useless as Elsa is now.”


With that, Trent nodded. Mesogog reached over to him and dropped a cool, metal cylinder into his hand from his clawed one.


“Once you have them, click the button on the end and it will bring you back here. And then you can have your father.”


Then Mesogog turned and flipped the switch which had brought Trent to the lair in the first place, and sent the young traitor back to his home. Once the portal closed, Mesogog rubbed his claws together, anxiously awaiting the moment of his triumph and the new world order.




After rescuing the woman who had been Elsa from Zeltrax, the team had returned to the Command Center where Hayley was now running tests on Elsa’s more human looking form. As she did, the team hovered around, hoping for some answers, even as they speculated as to what had happened.


“So somehow Elsa got turned back to a normal person?” Kim asked confused.


“She seems to have none of the power that she had when she was Elsa,” Hayley remarked as she watched the readouts. “It’s as if she was never Mesogog’s assistant.”


“Like how she didn’t recognize us or her own name,” Kira commented.


“Exactly. I don’t see any trace of the power. It’s almost as if something stripped everything from her that was Elsa,” replied Hayley. “Tommy, what could have done this?”


Before Tommy could comment, a voice from the staircase from the kitchen cut in, “Mesogog did this to her.”


Everyone quickly turned to see Trent there, walking towards them from the shadows.


“Did we forget to lock the front door again?” Jason complained under his breath.


“Trent?” Tommy started, hoping the young man had some explanation for his assumption.


“I’m not sure why, but he took her energy.”


“To do what?” questioned Ethan.


“I don’t know. But he now wants your power gems,” Trent explained.


“Yeah, like he’s getting those,” Conner scoffed.


“No, he is. Because I’m going to give them to him.”


“I’m not going to give anyone my gem,” Conner said angrily as he moved to get into Trent’s face.


“Look, just hear me out,” Trent said, his voice raising slightly. “He’s split himself from my dad. And he’s made a deal with me that if I bring your gems, he’ll let Anton go.”


Kim, Jason and Tommy looked from Trent to one another with stricken faces. Horrible memories of the first ranger team’s parents walking in endless circles, held captive by Goldar in the Dark Dimension, forcing them to give up their coins. Tommy’s return, even though he’d lost his powers had been the only reason the team had been able to get their powers back. They had trusted in Tommy to help them.


And now it was happening again, sort of. Anton Mercer’s life rested with them and their powers.


“Trent, look, I know you want to save your dad and all, but giving Mesogog our gems isn’t going to save anyone. Once he as them, everyone will be in danger,” Jason began, hoping to get the young man to see some reason.


“Wait, Jason, it’s not really what it seems. You guys need to get on the island to stop Mesogog, and he wants me to deliver your gems. I figure that if I can get there, I can open up a portal for you. Once you get inside, you get your gems back  and then you can destroy Mesogog and whatever he needs the gems for in the process, and I can rescue my father.”


“No way, it’s too risky,” Tommy began, his immediate reaction that of distrust.


“Tommy, wait… we have to help Trent save Anton. And it’s not like we haven’t done this before,” Kim commented seriously, reaching over to place her right hand over his chest to cover the spot where Tommy’s heart lay. “We have to help him.”


“Kim’s right,” Hayley added, “besides, do we really have any other choice?”


“I mean, she’s right. This could be our only shot,” noted Kira.


“Bro, what do you think?” Tommy asked as he turned to Jason.


“You know as well as I do that it’s a gamble. But Kim’s right. We have been in this situation before and we came out on top. If we don’t do this, we might be responsible for Anton being killed or worse. And if Trent really can get us a portal in… it could very well be the final strike on Mesogog that finishes him once and for all.”


Tommy nodded slightly, acknowledging the wisdom of his friends and team mates. While he didn’t like it, it was the best plan they had.


“Okay. We’re doing this then.”


Trent gave a little sigh of relief as the others looked around nervously at one another.


“So, how do we do this?” asked Ethan as he pulled his morpher away from his wrist.


“Just twist the gem from the gauntlet,” Hayley stated as she moved to one of the workstations and hauled up a small box. She handed it to Trent and the team slowly began to make their way to him, depositing their gems in it. Conner came last, placing his red dino gem in the last spot.


“This better work,” he admonished Trent as he pulled his hand away from the box.


“Look, you’ll know when the portal’s open. Just be ready.”


With that, Trent hurried back up the stairs and out of the house. Tommy took Kim’s hand and squeezed it tightly, knowing that in less than a few hours they could be involved what might be the final battle in this war.




The Massive semi had plowed through the portal Trent had promised he’d get up. And as the team fought the hordes of TyranoDrones, Hayley had used the firepower of the truck to blow up the dual cannon that Mesogog had been building to rearrange the planet to his liking. With the explosion of Mesogog’s lair, they had hurried back into the truck and were strapping in to escape.


“Good work Hayley. Now let’s go home before we’re stuck here,” said Tommy as he flopped into his seat beside her.


“But Trent,” spoke up Kira as she strapped herself in,” we can’t leave him here.”


“And what about our gems?” Jason asked.


“Trent won’t leave without his father,” Hayley replied. “And if Mesogog is gone… the gems are a small price to pay.”


“Trent’s been here before. We have to trust that he knows how to get out,” Tommy informed everyone. “We’ll have to trust that he’ll make it out. Let’s go.”


With that, everyone strapped themselves to their seats as Hayley slammed her foot on the gas pedal and raced the semi through the island roads to make it to the portal.


Moments later, they returned to the same empty mining pit they’d started off from, and as Hayley brought the truck to a halt, the team rushed out the back, looking at the portal collapsing behind them.


“Oh no…” murmured Kira as Conner wrapped an arm around her shoulders in consolation.


“Now what do we do?” asked Ethan.


“I knew we shouldn’t have left them.”


“It’s not like they’re going to fall out of the sky and land on us,” he remarked as he quickly scanned the heavens for incoming people.


“Were you knocked on the head or something?”


“Hey, the last time I did that it worked.”


Jason, Tommy and Kim began to look nervous. It was one thing for one of them to be lost. But Trent wasn’t a ranger…


Then suddenly the skies above and in front of them opened up with a small invisiportal and two figures fell to the ground.


“See!” Ethan demanded.


There were smiles all around as the team raced to meet Anton and Trent as Hayley finally exited the semi and stood on the ramp, watching the scene.


“You guys are all right,” Kira said happily as she stated the obvious.


“What about Mesogog?’ asked Tommy worriedly.


“I don’t think he made it,” Trent commented, then withdrew the silver box he’d taken hours before, “but just in case.”


He opened the box displaying the six gems within and Tommy inclined his head to acknowledge Trent being good to his word.


“What about Zeltrax? Did you see him at the lair?” Jason asked Trent, and he shook his head with a negative response.


Jason and Kim shared a worried look. Even if Mesogog was gone, Zeltrax was still formidable. It wasn’t over yet. They both turned to Tommy and he acknowledged their thoughts with a look.


“Tommy, I don’t know where to start,” began Anton, his words reflecting his true being without the influence of Mesogog.


“We’ll talk later. Right now, we better get back to the lab. We still have Zeltrax to deal with.”




In the sparking ruins of the Command Center, Zeltrax drug Elsa by the arm.


“You’re coming with me.”




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