Us in front of the Yoda statue at the Letterman Digital Arts Center (San Francisco - July 30, 2006)

Welcome to the online home of Gil and Jeannine Trevizo.  Here you can find links to some our own stuff, including Jeannine's fan fiction writing, Gil's role-playing game work, and our photo albums.

Our Albums
An online gallery of our photos and videos.

Writing Machine Central
Fan fiction I've written for Power Rangers, The X-Files, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Offering updates for my latest fan fiction project.
Various Sundries
My personal blog, devoted to nothing in particular.

Delta Green: 1939-1945
A website I've created for setting the Delta Green role-playing game during the Second World War

Mostly dealing with my writing for Our Darkest Hour, the forthcoming WWII-era supplement for Delta Green.

Me on Facebook

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