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- The Sometimes Series -

My attempt at an adult reaction to the letter in PRZ - "There's No Business Like Snow Business"

SOMETIMES WHEN WE TOUCH  – Tommy decides that he’s not letting Kim leave him without fighting for her. R; Tommy/Kim

PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS – Sequel to Sometimes When We Touch. Tommy and Kim work to make their future work. NC-17; Tommy/Kim

AFTER ALL THAT WE'VE BEEN THROUGH – Sequel to Paved With Good Intentions. Graduation comes with new challenges and new decisions. R; Tommy/Kim

- Other Stories -

FIGHTING SPIRIT REVISED – PRDT: Fighting Spirit (AU). Tommy’s coma worries the team, and puts Kim in a position she never wanted to face. PG Tommy/Kim, T/Kat, T/H.

A HIGHER CALLING – PRZ: No Business Like Snow Business(AU). Kim had a higher purpose than just going to train for the Pan Globals? (Written for ScarlettDiva's challenge for a different "The Letter" reason - see end of fic for requirements). PG; Tommy/Kim

IN YOUR DREAMS REVISED – PRDT: In Your Dreams (AU); PRZ: No Business Like Snow Business (AU). Elsa's plan takes a different turn. PG-13; T/K.

THUNDER STRUCK REVISED – PRDT: Thunder Struck parts 1 & 2 (AU). What if Elsa's return to humanity revealed more than anyone bargained for? PG-13; T/K, C/K.

DOWN THE BARREL – A day in the life of Tommy Oliver – post Power Rangers. Previous T/Kat, implied current T/Kim. M for language.

UNDERCOVER LIVES: A RANGER TALE – a Joint writing project by JTrevizo, ScarletDeva and Shawn30, Beta by Pink_Green_White_4ever. Summary: The former rangers have new responsibilities, some of which are more believable and exciting than others. Spoilers - MMPR-Zeo, Dino Thunder and Forever Red, Rating T. T/K. AUTHORS NOTE - This story came from the question of how exactly Tommy Oliver could get a PhD within the time frame provided in the PR universe, to which it was decided... he couldn’t. The authors involved in this round robin of writing appreciate your reading and feedback...

- Series -

When each ranger ends their call to duty, how do they see their time in uniform, and how does it change them as well as the world around them?

Four years after the Power Ranger team takes to space, an new threat prompts the call to those who once held the power to take up arms again. Who will answer?

In an alternate universe where Power Rangers are now outlawed, can six cloned rangers regain their memories, their powers and save the world?

A whole new spin on Dino Thunder - see what would have happened if some ranger legends came to help...

- Always a Ranger Series -

The Tommy/Kim DinoThunder Series - Always a Ranger

The Sequel to Always a Ranger - Duty & Honor

The Always a Ranger Saga Continues - Legacy of Valor

Where does the Always a Ranger series go now? Find out in the Always a Ranger universe Anthology project

- SPD/DT Stories (AAR universe) -

REVISIONIST HISTORY – SPD: History (AU for AAR universe). Bringing rangers out of retirement to fight on the side of bad guys never works out well... PG-13; T/K, C/K.

FOOTSTEPS – Spoilers from "Revisionist History". An Always a Ranger ficklet! History has a way of repeating itself. PG; T/Kim, C/Kira, B/H.

DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE – Spoilers for PR:SPD episode “Wormhole” (and insinuates events in PR:SPD episode “History”) and the Always a Ranger series. This story is set in the AaR universe between Chapters 25 and 26, before Kim comes to the team... Time travel can cause confusion, nausea and ass-kicking. PG; T/Kim.


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