When Dr. O gets kidnapped, Hayley makes a fateful decision to get some outside help for the new ranger team. A decision that will change the Dino Thunder team forever.

Parts are listed below in order.

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SOMETIMES YOU CAN'T MAKE IT ON YOUR OWN– Post Legacy of Power & AU starting with the beginning of Back In Black (PRDT ep 4 & 5). Hayley's decision brings forth help to rescue Dr. O. T/K; PG-13

LIKE WE NEVER LOVED AT ALL– Post Legacy of Power & AU starting with the beginning of Back In Black (PRDT ep 4 & 5). Tommy and Kim sit down to clear the air, allowing the whole team to finally decide its future. T/K; PG-13

BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS– AU. "Diva in Distress" (PRDT ep 6). The arrival of Kira's former band mate brings Kim and Kira into a closer friendship, and into more danger than they planned. T/K; PG-13

ADDICTED– AU. "Game On" (PRDT ep 7). Ethan's video game obsession leads to some big problems, and relationships start to bloom with time and togetherness. T/K; PG-13

WHO'S YOUR DADDY?– AU. "Golden Boy" (PRDT ep 8). Fathers and sons cause the team trouble on and off the field of battle as Anton Mercer tries to buy the Cybercafe out from under Hayley, and Zeltrax's 'son' follow's his father's wishes in his quest to destroy Tommy and the rangers. T/K; PG-13

PLAY WITH FIRE– AU. "Beneath the Surface" (PRDT ep 9). The hunt for the dinoegg leads Tommy into hot water in his fledgling relationship with Kim; Kira finds suitors on two fronts. T/K, C/Kira, Tr/Kira; PG-13

ON THE DARK SIDE– AU. "White Thunder pt 1" (PRDT ep 10). A sinister plot turns a ranger against his own. T/K, C/Kira/Tr; PG-13

BAD MOON RISING– AU. "White Thunder pt 2&3" (PRDT ep 11-12); spoilers for "Power Rangers Turbo: The Movie". The team tries to locate Jason as Hayley looks for a way to save him, and Kim and Tommy bond with their suffering over their guilt at Jason’s turn to evil. T/K, C/Kira/Tr; PG-13

BEAUTIFUL DISASTER– AU. "White Thunder pt 3" (PRDT ep 12); spoilers for "Power Rangers Turbo: The Movie". An unexpected discovery leads to a difficult decision. A ranger takes on their friend... but not the one you would expect. T/K, C/Kira/Tr; PG-13

HANGING BY A MOMENT– AU. "Truth and Consequences" (PRDT ep 13). Looking for a way to get Tommy unfossilized and save Jason leads to some role reversals for the team, while truths about certain people and relationships come out. T/K, C/Kira/Tr; PG-13

Gift from Kim Hart (pink_green_white_4ever)

WHEN THE STARS GO BLUE– AU. "Leader of the Whack" (PRDT ep 14). When a meteor crashes to Earth, Hayley believes she might have the answer they need to free Tommy, but the properties of the rock cause more problems than they ever expected. T/K, C/Kira; PG-13

UNDER YOUR SPELL– AU. "The Missing Bone" (PRDT ep 16). Kira's fledgling relationship with Conner gets tested when she gets taken over by the monster of the week, while Kim and Tommy move in together, prompting them to identify a few more obstacles than they planned on. T/K, C/Kira; PG-13

WORK IT OUT– AU. "Bully for Ethan" (PRDT ep 17). Things with Tommy and Kim continue to progress as a cause for his morphing problems are researched, in Angel Grove, Jason ponders his next step and Ethan takes his computer skills to a new level. T/K, C/Kira; PG-13 WORK IT OUT-NC17 version

OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD– AU. "Lost & Found In Translation" (PRDT ep 17) & MMPR "Two For One". The new satellite dish in Hayley's café brings more things to the rangers than Iron Chef. T/K, C/Kira, J/H; PG-13

THE POWER– AU. "Triassic Triumph" (PRDT ep 20). To give Conner a new weapon, Tommy and Jason have to quest for the Shield of Triumph, forcing the two to discuss the ramifications of Jason's evil stint. T/K, C/Kira, J/H; PG-13

ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?– AU. "A Star is Torn" (PRDT ep 21). Kira gets an opportunity for advancing her music career through a back door introduction from Kim, but the results are far from stellar. T/K, C/Kira, J/H; PG-13

IF YOU COULD ONLY SEE– AU. "Disappearing Act" (PRDT ep 25?). Hayley makes a big mistake in trying to fix Tommy's morphing problem, making things worse; meanwhile Ethan attempts to date Cassidy. T/K, C/Kira, J/H; PG-13

THE FIGHTIN' SIDE OF ME– AU. "Fighting Spirit". Tommy's back to being visible, but at what price?. T/K, C/Kira, J/H; PG-13

BEAUTIFUL MESS– AU. "The Passion of Conner". Conner's new attitude puts his relationship with Kira into jeopardy. T/K, C/Kira, J/H; PG-13

TORN– AU. "Strange Relations". When the morphin' grid starts to short out their powers, the White Ranger clone decides that Jason's time is up. T/K, C/Kira, J/H; PG-13

LIGHTNING CRASHES– AU. "Thunder Storm 1&2". The Ninja Storm team attacks and the Dino Thunder team struggles to survive. T/K, C/Kira; PG-13

THESE DREAMS– AU. "In Your Dreams". Also spoilers for MMPR “The Green Candle” series, MMPR “A Different Shade of Pink” and PRiS “Countdown to Destruction”. Elsa's brilliant scheme to attack the rangers in their dreams forces some deep nightmares to come out and play. T/K, C/Kira, J/H; PG-13

SUSPICIOUS MINDS– AU. "House of Cards". A simple Dragon Wars card begins the collapse of secrets and lies, leading the team to discover the truth hiding in plain sight. T/K, C/Kira; PG-13

I'LL SEE IT THROUGH– AU. "Test of Trust". Trent offers to help the rangers catch Mesogog while in Anton's form. T/K, C/Kira; PG-13

NEVER SURRENDER– AU. "Thunder Struck pt 1"; also spoilers/reference for MMPR “Return of an Old Friend”. The end game has come. T/K, C/Kira; PG-13

HIGHER GROUND– AU. "Thunder Struck pt 1 &2. The finale. T/K, C/Kira; PG-13

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