Hi all. Trent has been made aware of the team, and is trying to help. But is it too little, too late? This will be a short chapter to lead into the final 2. And now, to the story…





Legends and Heroes

By Jeannine Trevizo





Chapter 24: I’ll See it Through



Trent Fernandez approached the front door to Dr. Oliver’s house following what had to be the strangest day yet at Reefside High School. He’d gone around all day, expecting Mesogog to take his revenge at any moment. Yet at the same time, he’d almost subconsciously avoided the people who could help him if that happened.


Because he was still too distraught by the looks they had been giving him since his secret had been revealed 24 hours ago.


As it was, he’d slowly made his way to Dr. O’s so he could drag this out as long as possible. Because even though he knew that his teacher and Ethan, Kira and Conner were power rangers, he didn’t know how they were going to help him save his father.


And he wasn’t looking forward to the second round of recrimination from them all about his silence.


Finally he plucked up his courage and knocked on the door. It wasn’t long before the door swung open, revealing his teacher’s girlfriend on the other side.


“Trent, come in. Everyone’s downstairs,” Kim said as she ushered the young man through the door, closing and locking it behind him.




Kim smiled softly, her emotions taking over as they usually did when people around her were hurting. Taking the lead, she headed to the kitchen and the open trap door. She turned and watched Trent’s confused face before waving him down.


Once Trent descended, Kim followed and nearly bumped into him as he stood at the base of the stairs, eyes bulging at the sight before him. Tommy stood before the main console, Hayley in the chair behind him. Jason was to Tommy’s right while Ethan, Kira and Conner flanked his left.


“Wow, this is…”


“Trent, you’ve kept your promise so far,” Tommy began, cutting off anything further Trent might have said, “but before we go forward, I need your strictest assurance that what you see here, what you learn here stays a secret. People’s lives depend on your silence.”


“Of course he will Dr. O,” Kira stated sincerely.


“Because we all know how good he is at keeping secrets,” tossed out Conner viciously.


“All right you guys, enough. Trent, what do you say?” asked Tommy again.


“Of course Dr. O. I wouldn’t tell anyone about this. Besides, who would believe me?”


Ethan stifled a laugh, and Jason’s glare shut him up. With the promise of secrecy, Tommy nodded to Kim, and she came up behind Trent, laying a hand on his shoulder. His head whipped around and his eyes widened again as he realized she was down here too. With a little push, Kimberly moved him to a chair and wandered over to where Jason was beside Tommy.


“So, I think probably the first course of business is introductions. Then we’ll get to the matter of Anton,” Tommy announced, looking to everyone for verification, and proceeding once he had it. “So you know myself, Kira, Conner and Ethan. And you probably have guessed our roles…”


“Once I knew you were rangers, the colors seemed to be a big giveaway,” Trent confessed.


“What is it about these damn colors?” groused Jason humorously. “You would think us needing to keep secret identities would keep us from these colors, but no… it’s like a ranger billboard. Look at me – I’m the red ranger!”


“You’re the red ranger? But I thought…”


Kim, Tommy and Jason started to laugh, the others giggling slightly. Quickly the stifled their mirth as they realized this wasn’t really the time for it.


“Sorry – old ranger joke,” Jason remarked simply. “Before Tommy gets to deep into it, I’m Jason Scott and right now I’m the White Ranger.”


“But you used to be… red?”


“Fast learner,” noted Kim as she looked to Tommy with a smile. “And I’m Kimberly Hart, the Purple Ranger.”


“Okay…” began Trent, feeling a bit more confused again. “So, Jason was a ranger before?”


“They all were,” Ethan piped up, point to the three older people, deciding to shorten the invariably long explanation that could be coming any second from one of the older rangers. “Dr. O, Kim and Jason all used to be rangers in Angel Grove back in the day. Now they’re back, and we’re rangers too. See, simple.”




“Anyway Trent, that’s basically the introductions. Now we need to focus on Anton and how to stop Mesogog before he does nay more damage,” Tommy stated, bringing the conversation back to the reason for them being there.


“Yeah, is there any way we can like, capture your dad before he’s Mesogog or something?” Conner suggested.


“Or is there something you can tell us about his transformation? It looked like it wasn’t by choice,” Ethan remarked.




“Guys! We can’t just expect Trent to hand his dad to us in handcuffs or anything…” Kira protested passionately.


“Why not?” Conner threw back. “Mesogog’s after him too.”


“Still, it’s not necessarily safe for Trent to try and capture Anton, even when he’s in his human form,” Tommy explained calmly.


“Do you want to be responsible if something happened?” Kim asked Conner, facing the young man down as the reality of his suggestion hit him in the gut.


“No, but we have the element of surprise if Trent works with us.”


There was a brief silence, and Jason shot Tommy a thoughtful gaze. Conner was right in the idea that surprise was sometimes a ranger’s greatest ally. If they could somehow have Trent help them find when he was vulnerable, the team could stop Mesogog and keep Trent from putting himself in harm’s way.


“Maybe,” murmured Tommy thoughtfully, his hand grasping his chin. “It’s up to you Trent. Is there a way you could help us surprise Anton where we could capture him so we could help him?”


Trent stared at Tommy for a long while before turning his gaze on Kira and Conner. For all his misgivings about Conner, he trusted Dr. Oliver.






They had spent a good hour and beyond with Trent before Tommy had wrapped things up for the moment and sent everyone home. Jason had lingered a bit to see if Tommy had wanted to talk, but had relented when his best friend had turned to the console and started trying to calculate ways to break whatever spell or alchemy which had turned Anton into Mesogog.


Kimberly had seen Jason out; the two of them sharing a knowing look that if anyone was going to get Tommy to talk, it would be her.


Rather than push him, Kim let him work, only noting the occasional call to Hayley and one very brief attempt to contact Andros before he shut off the lights and headed upstairs. She’d put together a cold meal – sandwiches and chips, not knowing how long he would be, and they ate in companionable but still tense silence.


It was only when they headed for bed that the ice melted, and Tommy pulled her to his side of the bed as she came in from the bathroom and kissed her soundly.


“Are you going to be okay with this?” she asked quietly.


“You mean Trent knowing about us?”


“No, I mean the deal you made to try and save Anton. We both know that the likelihood of failing is there… and if we can’t rescue him, what happens to Trent?”


Tommy didn’t respond and Kim knew that this was the real reason he’d spent so long in the Command Center – looking for a way to guarantee success.


“Anton used to be a good person. Maybe we can use that to our advantage, and he can help us help him.”


“You really think that we can save him?” Kim asked as she and Tommy lay in bed, her head propped up on a hand as she looked across Tommy’s chest.


“Honestly, I just don’t know. But we have to try. You know that as well as I do Kim.”


“But it would be safer for everyone to just…”


Tommy nodded, and she didn’t finish. He knew just as well as she did that innocents needed protecting, but in this case, Anton really was innocent too. Leading them to have to try and find a way of saving him and destroying Mesogog.


Nothing like making things easy.




It had been decided after another planning session that Trent would take part of the ranger team to the house he shared with his father so they could catch him by surprise. They would render him unconscious and transport him back to the lab to find a way of ridding him of Mesogog’s personality or influence. Tommy and Kim would wait back at the Command Center while Jason went with Conner, Ethan and Kira.


So when Thursday finally came, it was with this group of rangers that Trent had gone to his house, unlocking the front door to let them in. Conner whistled slightly as they entered the showroom home and got a smack upside the head from Ethan.






Without turning on the lights, the small group followed Trent through the house to his father’s study. Pushing the door open, the fading daylight of late afternoon bathed the room in a bright glow, and Trent frowned as he found the study empty.


“Nobody home?”


“I don’t get it…Usually he’s home around now…” Trent acknowledged confused.


“It’s okay. We’ll just wait. When he does come home, you need to stay behind us. You don’t have any way of protecting yourself from Mesogog.”


“But he’s never hurt me before,” Trent insisted.


“And you’ve never betrayed him before either,” remarked Jason, matter of factly.


There was a sudden silence following Jason’s words. The idea of what Mesogog would do to Trent for letting them in becoming more real than it had before.


“Are you sure we should stay?” asked Kira quietly. “Maybe it would be safer to try again another day?”


Before Jason could say anything, a familiar beeping caught everyone’s attention and he lifted his gauntlet up to his mouth.




“Jase, I think Kira may have a point,” said Tommy’s voice from the Command Center. “Let’s abort and re-consider the plan.”


“You sure bro?”


“I don’t think he’s going to show Jason. He may know Trent’s on our side now, or he may just be so far gone that the house, his humanity is gone. For now though, let’s pack it in.”




With that, Jason gave everyone a look. Then his eyes settled on Trent.


“You alright staying here?”


“Yeah. I think Dr, O may be right. He might not be coming back…” Trent said, feeling miserable.


“We’re still going to help him,” Ethan assured him. “It’s just…”


“Staying here is probably a fool’s errand for the moment,” Conner added, gaining him a look of frustration from both Kira and Jason.


“Look Trent, if you need us, call Dr. O and we’ll be back. Otherwise, we’ll talk with you once we know what to do next.”


Trent nodded, acknowledging Jason’s statement and turned to lead everyone back to the front door. As he held it open, he watched as the protectors of Reefside left, and hoped that there was still a chance that his dad would be able to come back.


-to be continued next chapter-


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