Summary: the finale.


Hi all. Well, this is it – the last chapter. I know that for a lot of you that this had been a protracted ordeal of waiting for chapters to post. Hopefully you have enjoyed it all. And now… the team makes their exit. Let’s get to the story…




Legends and Heroes

By Jeannine Trevizo





Chapter 26: Higher Ground



After sending Trent and Anton to safety, the rangers had headed back to the command center to establish their next move. What they found there stunned them all. As the team descended the stairs, they found sparking wires and debris everywhere throughout the now damaged command center.


“What happened?” Kira stated aloud as she moved forward into the mess.


“It’s trashed,” Conner added somberly.


“Elsa,” remarked Tommy as he realized that their rescued former evil Mesogog henchwoman was missing from the remnants of the destroyed basement.


“Who would have…” Kim began before Conner noticed an audible sound leading to a blinking device among the cement rubble.


“What’s this?”


“It’s like a black box,” Hayley stated quickly, grabbing the device from Conner’s hands. “I keep a security camera in it.”


Moving swiftly with the box, Hayley plugged the device to a non-ruined laptop and started downloading the data. In moments, a grainy picture began to run on the laptop screen. As it began to clear, it revealed Zeltrax dragging Elsa from the command center as the place exploded around them.


“Why’d he come after her?” asked Jason, surprised and confused at one of their deadliest enemies coming into their ‘house’ just to get Elsa.


“It’s about me and Smitty,” Tommy answered confidently. “He wanted to prove to me that while Mesogog is gone, we’re still not safe.”


“So what now?” questioned Conner. “I guess we don’t hang up or morphers just yet.”




With a determined look, Tommy took the measure of his team mates, and saw the acknowledgement within all of them that they realized that the final fight was yet to be waged.




“Thanks for saving my place,” said Ethan as he jogged back to his place in line for the best sci-fi movie sequel ever, finding the young woman who he’d met there still where he’d left her.


For a moment one of the costumed ‘fans’ gave him a look that momentarily gave Ethan pause if he’d get his spot back, but he relented, allowing Ethan to move towards his place in the line.


A crashing, rushing sound filled the air, and everyone looked up to see a huge invisiportal opening above the city center.


“Check that out,” his new friend said, unaware of the danger the rapidly expanding hole signified.


More crashes of lightning were swiftly followed by the arrival of a huge monster as it landed nearly on top of the business district, the landing sending hundreds fleeing. Suddenly the monster stretched out his arms and sent out a beam of energy, slicing a hole out of the top of a local mountain, leaving a concave shape to the skyline and sending tons of rubble and dust into the air.


Rushing away, Ethan found a corner of a building and staircase and opened up a channel to Dr. O.


“Dr. O, I found Zeltrax. And I don’t think he’s here for the double feature.”


“Ranger up. We’ll meet you there,” Tommy’s voice replied.


“Got it.”


Hurriedly, Ethan morphed and moved to find a closer vantage point to watch the new threat and wait for the rest of the team. He didn’t have to wait long.


“Check out his zord.”


“I’ll bet he’s got Elsa in there,” Conner pointed out.


“All the better to hope we won’t destroy him outright,” Jason replied.


Suddenly the courtyard the rangers were standing in was filled with Triptoids, which advanced immediately on the team. Weapons clashed as the rangers engaged, and then were thrown off their feet when Zeltrax’s zord fired bolts of green lightning into their area. Jason sailed across expanse, landing hard, Tommy and Kim right behind him. The teens ended up crashing away from them, but just as shaken up.


“This has gone far enough. Jase, can you handle the Triptoids?” Tommy asked as he levered himself up.


“Not a problem bro.”


With that, Jason launched himself into combat.


“You guys call the zords,” Tommy directed the teens. “I’m gonna get Elsa.”


“You got it,” replied Conner as he, Kira and Ethan prepared for the next level of the battle. “Dino Zords…”


The Black Ranger started to move off to locate Elsa and pull her from wherever Zeltrax had her hostage when he felt a hand land on his arm. Turning, he found the Purple Ranger’s helmet tilted up to him, and he could almost read the concern etched on Kimberly’s face beneath it.


“Tommy…” Kim started, and he briefly laid his hand on her shoulder tenderly.


“I’ll be careful.”


“I can help you…”


“No,” Tommy began, his eyes quickly darting around the battlefield. “I need you to stay with them. Guide them… I trust you to take care of them.”


Kim nodded, and tightened her clasped hand around Tommy’s arm, knowing that they couldn’t see each other’s expressions and their touch was what signaled their emotions.


“Okay. Get going!”


With a squeeze of his hand, Tommy moved off, leaping into the air and finding an opening through one of the gun ports. Slipping through the barrel, he made his way into the Zelzord.


“I’m in.”


“We’ve got your back,” Conner replied as he, Kira and Ethan stood at the helm of the Thundersaurus Megazord. Behind them, Kim stood in the cockpit as well, hoping that she might be able to provide some assistance, and if need be, call her own zord to assist.


Inside the Zelzord, Tommy called out for Elsa as he walked carefully through the misty corridors, the walls looking like nothing he’d ever seen before – red, almost living protrusions from the floor.


Suddenly, he heard a response through the fog.


“Tommy, I’m in here!”


“Hold on!” he replied quickly, and rushed towards the sound of the voice through the zord, staff preceding him.


“Tommy!” Elsa screamed again, and as Tommy continued to make his way towards her, from behind the projections from the floor, a mix of Triptoids surged forward, engaging the Black Ranger and blocking his path.


As Tommy used his staff to pummel his opponents, outside of the Zelzord, the Megazord was being struck with a bolt of green lightning that seemed to go on forever. The rangers inside staggered as their systems sputtered sparks and the Megazord threatened to topple.


“We need to help Dr. O,” Kira said as they steadied the Megazord.


All eyes turned to Kim, and she nodded. As much as Tommy felt they needed guidance, they had proven themselves capable rangers. They really didn’t need her, Jase or Tommy anymore. They could handle themselves. But Tommy did need help…


“I’m going to go help him.”


Nodding, Conner focused on the monster before him, knowing that Kira and Ethan were there, and he trusted them to back him up. Kimberly could take care of Dr. O while Jason resolved the Triptoids on the ground. They all had their parts… everyone just had to trust the others to do their part.


With that, Kim exited the Megazord and leapt across the expanse to catch hold of one of the guns Tommy had made his way into the Zelzord in. Old gymnastic skills came in handy as she flipped backwards into the barrel and slid through the metal to land inside the hulk menacing the city.


“Tommy!” Kim called out as she rolled to a landing inside the fog filled corridors.


Seconds after Kim had entered the Zelzord, it attacked the Megazord again, this time wrapping it in a rope of pure energy. Zeltrax used that energy rope to lift the Megazord off the pavement and then with a sweep of his hands, slammed them back down, rattling the buildings around its impact and shaking the rangers inside.


“Ethan, can you handle the Mezodon?” Conner questioned, knowing that they needed more firepower.


“I thought you’d never ask,” quipped Ethan in reply.


Calling the Shield of Triumph, Conner quickly handed it to Ethan, who followed Kim’s lead and exited the Megazord to land on the Mezodon Rover. Once inside, he slid the shield into place, activating his control over the zord and directing it into battle.


“Mezodon Megazord!” called out Ethan, and with that, it quickly began to alter its shape to become its own megazord that in conjunction with the Megazord Conner and Kira were in would give them a two to one advantage by increasing their firepower and capabilities.


Inside the Zelzord, Zeltrax was taken aback buy the sudden appearance of now two zords to his single one. Just then, Tommy rolled into the chamber, followed by a Triptiod. With a sweep of his staff, Tommy continued to battle the white Triptiod. Two more followed, and Tommy continued to battle with them, but out of his peripheral vision, he saw what he’d been searching for.




“Tommy!” called out the captive former villain, realizing her rescue was nearly at hand.


“I’ll be right there,” he replied cavalierly, as he dispatched another Triptiod.


“No, he won’t,” Zeltrax coldly stated as he fired a bolt of energy at Tommy.


Except for it never reached its target as the Purple Ranger came out of nowhere and deflected it, sending it bouncing through the chamber, sending white sparks through the room.


“No!” Zeltrax cried out as he pulled his sword and rushed the Purple Ranger who had foiled his plans to eliminate Tommy once again.


Outside, another bolt of green lightning enveloped the Megazord, and Kira and Conner fought to keep the zord upright.


Kim and Tommy joined forces against Zeltrax, Kim’s standard sword and Tommy’s staff crashing and parrying with Zetrax’s dark sword. With one swipe, Kim went flying, and when Tommy tried to engage by himself, Zeltrax sent him spinning as well, both Kim and Tommy landing before a bound Elsa.


“Tommy!” both Kim and Elsa cried out, as Kim reached down to aid her team mate and love.


“Maximum power!” called Zeltrax, as he stretched out his hands to pull in a new, augmenting force that lit up his armor like a spotlight. When the light dimmed, his armor had mutated, and he glared evilly at Tommy once again. “You and me Tommy.”


“Kim, get Elsa.”


With that, Tommy leapt forward as Kim blasted the restraints around Elsa.


“I gotcha,” Kim announced as she caught Elsa as she fell from the red ‘wall’ she’d been held against.


Across the room, Tommy and Zeltrax continued to strike at each other, locked in a battle that neither seemed poised to win. As Zeltrax backpedaled , Kim drew her laser gun again and sighted their enemy.


“Hey freak,” she taunted, and as Zeltrax turned, she hit him with a blaster shot.


“Guys, I’ve got Elsa. We’re coming out,” Kim told the others through the morpher/communicator.


“Go Kim!” yelled Ethan at the news.


“Let’s go,” Tommy said, coming to gather Elsa between him and Kim.


“You’re not going anywhere,” announced Zeltrax as he left forth a dark power that emanated from his zord and into the city, darkening the skies.


“What’s going on?” Ethan asked from the Mezodon zord.


“No idea,” Conner replied as he looked to Kira, who shrugged.


As the sky darkened further, new bolts of green lighting ripped through the sky to strike the zords.


“We’ve got to get them out of there,” Ethan announced as their zords buffeted about with the force of the blasts hitting them. “Now.”


With that, Ethan pushed the Mezodon zord to attack, its axes crunching into the Zelzord with a multitude of sparks.


“Ethan, hold on, I have an idea,” Conner yelled as the Mezodon zord held the Zelzord in its grip.


Conner and Kira directed the drill arm of the Megazord forwards, towards the exposed part of the Zelzord, and it pierced the skin just as Zeltrax inside was charging Tommy, Kim and Elsa. The point stopped Zeltrax in his tracks and sent him flying backwards.


“What?” Kim questioned, stunned.


“The guys,” Tommy answered in proud awe.


With Zeltrax temporarily down, Kim turned to Tommy…


“Get her out of here. With her gone…” he said quickly, and Kim understood. As much as she wanted to stay and help him, a ranger’s first priority was the safety of innocents, and Elsa qualified as that now.


With her orders and the new, bigger hole, Kim grabbed Elsa and jumped for safety.


Inside, Tommy turned to face off once again with Zeltrax, this time without Elsa as a shield. He leapt forward, striking Zeltrax with a flurry of flying kicks, sending the armored fiend backwards. He staggered up and shot a purple bolt of energy back at Tommy, who flipped out of the way. Seeing his weapon had not hit its target, Zeltrax raced to attack Tommy in close quarters combat. As Tommy fended off the assault, he tried again to reason with the cyborg.


“Smitty, stop!”


“Smitty’s gone.”


With that, the cyborg known as Zeltrax pressed his attack, his sword crashing repeatedly off of Tommy’s staff, as the Black Ranger deflected the blows. They continued to circle and attack, then backing off. In a change to that dance, as Zeltrax rushed forward, Tommy did as well, and then fell to his knees, skidding along the floor and slicing upwards across his opponent’s stomach with his weapon, sending Zeltrax flying.


“Gotta get out of here.”


The opening to his right, he quickly jumped, landing in the street below to find Kim and Elsa along with Jason, and no enemies to be seen.


“All right!” Jason said enthusiastically as his best friend appeared from the depths of the Zelzord.


“You okay?” Kim asked and Tommy nodded his head.


Then another figure dove from the Zelzord, and the rangers turned to face Zeltrax; Kim and Jason shielding Elsa as Tommy took point.


“You didn’t think I’d let you go so easily?” Zeltrax questioned as he stalked forward towards the rangers.


“Elsa, come with me,” Jason urged, and he grabbed her arm and led her out of the battle area, leaving Kim and Tommy to face Zeltrax.


“You’re going down Tommy.”


“You with me Kim?”


“Oh yeah.”


As the Zelzord still in the Mezodon zord’s grip let loose another green blast, Kim and Tommy coordinated a joint attack, leaping together and striking Zeltrax together. The dual strike was too much for him, and in a series of enveloping lightning strikes, his armor imploded, leaving only a darkened scorch mark on the pavement to show he was there.


Yet above the street, the Zelzord seemed determined to continue to strike, even with its master gone. It fired again at the zords, and Tommy realized they had to finish it once and for all.


“Conner,” he called through the communicator. “You’re going to need all the zords.”


“Right. Dino zords – full power!”


Suddenly all the zords, along with the auxiliary zords were there in the street, and with a combined golden blast of energy, they struck the Zelzord, causing it to crash to the street below.


“We did it! Yeah!” Conner yelled, reaching over to hug Kira.


Then suddenly the monster rebuilt, righting itself and returning to its position as if nothing had even happened.


“No way!”


“How?” Kira asked.


Again?” Ethan queried aloud.


Below them, Tommy realized the only course of action left to them…


“You’ve got to sacrifice the zords.”


“We can’t!” Conner cried out.


“No, Dr. Oliver…” Ethan urged.


“There has to be another way,” suggested Kira.


“There isn’t. You’ve got to. It’s the only way,” Tommy explained carefully.


“All right,” Conner acknowledged. “Engage auto destruct.”


As the zords moved in towards the Zelzord, a wind ripped around them, the team barely able to keep the main zords on their feet.


“I’m trying,” replied Ethan as the Mezodon zord fought to stay upright.


The Zelzord was pulling them in with a tractor beam like force, and the zords didn’t have the power to resist.


“Goodbye old friends,” Conner said quietly as he engaged the self destruct. With a slight turn he looked to Kira and felt the need to be sure she knew everything… just in case. “Love you.”


“Love you back,” she replied as she held on tight to the controls as the Megazord slid closer to the monster before them.


Below on the ground, Kim, Jason, Tommy and Elsa watched the impending destruction above. And yet, there was no one escaping the zords…


“Come on, get out of there…”


The zords finally succumbed to the traction just as the self destructs seemed to go off, and as the zords exploded, the sun returned.


Shouts and cries at the potential loss of the younger members of the team ripped from Tommy, Kim and Jason’s lips. The older rangers and Elsa rushed to where they were sure the zords had gone down.


“Where are they?” Kim asked as they found themselves in a ruined warehouse near where the zords should have fallen.


Then from the smoke, the unmorphed forms of Conner, Ethan and Kira were seen. Conner held his side as Kira held him close. Ethan staggered behind, and the others rushed to meet them.


Hugs and handshakes made the rounds.


“That was impressive,” said Jason admiringly.


“But the zords…” Ethan replied sadly. “They’re destroyed.”


“It was the only way. You guys did what you had to do.”


“It’s true, nothing else would have stopped him,” Jason confirmed Tommy’s statement.


“So that’s it then. It can’t just be over,” Conner argued dejectedly.


“Of course it’s not over,” rasped a voice from behind the team, and the stunned rangers turned to see Mesogog standing before them.


“Why do they always come back for more?” Tommy remarked in a amazed tone of voice.


“You’ve destroyed my plans of creating a perfect world. However I was able to absorb enough dino gem energy to complete my transfiguration. Witness the face of your final battle.”


The team and Elsa all stood stock still as bright yellow light burst from Mesogog as he grew and mutated into a huge dinosaur like creature, tripling his size as the rangers looked on.


“You better step aside Elsa,” Tommy urged, knowing that they were in for one more fight.


Understanding the danger, Elsa rushed off to hide behind some metal and cement barriers, and was surprised when she found Cassidy and Devin behind them already.


Slightly shocked sounds came from Cassidy and Elsa, but Devin was focused on the rangers.


“You guys ready for one more battle?”


“Oh yeah,” Conner replied.


With that, the team turned to their morphers, and in a series of shouts and calls, six rangers stood where mere humans had been moments before.


“This is it!” yelled Conner as they rushed Mesogog’s new form.


As they ran forward, Mesogog flung energy at them, exploding balls of fire around them. But the pushed forward, leaping into battle. Conner, Kira and Ethan struck first, and continued to sail over Mesogog’s head. Then Kim, Tommy and Jason attacked the front, and backed up as the others came up and they regrouped. Tommy, Kira and Jason all three attacked together and were pushed backwards, their bodies spinning over and over before landing on the ground.


“I’ve got him!” cried Conner as he leapt up on the armored neck of the new beast Mesogog had become and grasped the plates.


Mesogog flung him off and the rest of the team attacked, bringing Mesogog’s attention to the core group and off of just Conner.


Fists, feet and weapons attacked the monster Mesogog now was, until Ethan, Kim and Jason were struck by a series of energy bolts and went flying. Then Mesogog charged Tommy, smashing him into an abandoned car. Another bolt of energy struck Tommy, and he slowly fell to the ground.


“Dr. O!” cried Kira, as she looked up from where she and Conner had stopped after checking on Kim, Jason and Ethan. “Back off.”


Kira took up a battle position and prepared to rush him, when Mesogog shoved the car into her position, and she had to leap up to run over it and glide to where Mesogog still stood. But the crash of the car sent a fireball that caught up with her, and sent her to the ground in a heap.


Alone, Conner knew he was the last chance for the team.


“My turn,” he announced as he put himself between the others and Mesogog.


Suddenly Mesogog’s tongue whipped out and wrapped around Conner’s arm, and with a flick, it sent him tumbling in the air. Conner was able to land on his feet on another car, and backed up across the roof, the tongue still lashing at him. It surrounded his waist and he was thrown again, this time into a stack of ruble from the earlier destruction of the building.


From one side, Ethan had called his Raptor Cycle and was speeding in to charge Mesogog. He fired on him and leapt over, spinning the bike around for another pass.


“Over here Mego-mess!” yelled Conner as the Red Ranger moved to try and finish this fight. “Triassic Ranger! Battelysed Mode – engaged. Super fire power! Cannons – battle blast!”


In quick succession, Conner powered up all his available extra powers and struck Mesogog with dual, thick beams of red energy. The destructive power sent Mesogog soaring across the warehouse to finally crash into a pile of debris.


With Mesogog down, the other rangers slowly moved to Conner’s side, some battered and injured.


“You did it Conner!” Kira said happily as she nearly threw her arms around him, but didn’t as she held one arm with the other.


“Yeah. Thanks.”


A noise in the cement and barrels Mesogog had been buried by alerted them all to the reemergence of Mesogog as he laughed, shoving barrels and cement from his path.


“Unbelievable,” Tommy remarked, continually amazed by the determination of their adversaries. After all these years, they still never knew when they’d been beaten.


Then to everyone’s amazement, Mesogog stood before them and then… split himself.


“He’s replicating!” Conner cried out.


Where two had been, a second later, now four Mesogog’s stood.


“One was bad enough,” Ethan stated for all,” how do we fight them all?”


“Guys, we have to use all of our powers,” Tommy informed them gravely, “it’s the only way.”




Kim moved to Tommy’s side, her hand falling on his arm. She knew that there was more to this than he was saying.


“If we do this, they’re gone,” Tommy said to Kim softly, so no one else could hear.


“Like I haven’t loved you without ranger powers before?” she replied honestly as she grasped his hand in hers tightly.


“You ready bro?” Tommy asked as he turned to Jason, his other hand extended to his best friend and team mate.


“Let’s do this,” replied Jason, grasping Tommy’s outstretched arm in a rough clasp. “Do it Conner!”


“I summon the power of the gem!” Conner called out.


“Dino gems, unite!”


All six ranger gem colors shot upwards, combining into a kalidescope of color. Then, a huge fiery Tyrannosaurs Rex emerged from the power of the gems, and raced forward, devouring the Mesogogs in an explosive maelstrom.


“Everyone okay?” Tommy asked as the now unmorphed rangers stood in the center of the ruined warehouse.


He expected the answer he got.


“I feel… different,” Conner replied.


“Me too,” added Kira.


“It’s gone. Our powers are gone,” Ethan realized suddenly.


“It took everything the gems had to destroy Mesogog,” Tommy explained, looking to the team in turn, his eyes finally settling on Kimberly’s.


“So these are just…” began Conner, holding his red dino gem in his hand.


“Ancient artifacts that will look great in a museum,” Tommy responded.


“Hello rangers!” announced Cassidy as she, Devin and Elsa came out from hiding.


“So you know then,” remarked Conner dryly.


“We’ll, I already sorta new, but I had to show Cassidy in person.”


“This is like the greatest thing ever,” she said before hugging Devin. “And we have it all on tape. A reporter could make an entire career out of it.”


“Cassidy, do you realize what our lives will be like if that tape gets out?” Dr. O asked her seriously.


“Yeah, I do. That’s why I’m giving it to you.”


“Wait, Cassidy giving up the scoop of a lifetime?” questioned Kira. “Why”?


“Because you’re my friends. It wouldn’t be right to ruin your lives just to make mine better. Not after everything you’ve done for us.”


“I always knew there was a heart down deep in there somewhere,” commented Ethan.


“Yeah, I just needed someone to help me find it. Now if you’ll excuse us…”


“Yeah, we’re off to the prom,” Devin announced happily.


With that, Cassidy and Devin turned and walked off arm in arm, and with a small smile, Elsa followed them, leaving the six now former rangers alone.


“Finally. I thought those two would never get together,” Kira said as she looked up at Conner.


“And just like that, everything goes back to normal,” Conner replied.


“Our life may be normal, but it will never be the same,” Tommy clarified as he put his arms over Kim and Jason’s shoulders, Kira grasping Conner’s hand as the six of them walked away from the wreckage and their lives as rangers.




“Ethan, my man,” Conner said as he and Kira strode into the prom, seeing the former Blue Ranger playing on his PSP.


Before either Kira or Conner could say a word, a pretty blond showed up with a pair of drinks, handing it to Ethan.


“Oh, hey. You must be Conner,” she said. “Ethan’s told me all about you… and you must be Kira.”


Kira smiled and gave Conner a look. The former Red Ranger had insisted that Ethan would show up alone, and yet…


“I let you go to a movie alone, and you come back with at date,” joked Conner.


“Hey, you can’t be the only one here with a rockin’ hot girl,” Ethan fired back, noting Kira’s face turn red as she blushed at the compliment.


“Hey guys,” called Trent from the balcony, bringing Conner, Kira, Ethan and his date’s eyes up to the other former members of the team, as well as Anton and Elsa.


“Hey Trent.”


“So Trent, what’s next for you?” Tommy asked.


“Actually, I’m really excited. I’m heading to art school in the fall.”


“Yeah? You okay with that Anton?”


“Couldn’t be happier. How about you Tommy. What’s next for the man who’s done it all?”


Tommy replied, “I’m thinking about staying here, teaching, living the quiet life.”


“Are you sure about that?” asked Elsa, as she moved to Anton’s left. “I hear the new principal’s a real hard-nose.”


“I think she’ll be brilliant.”


I was wondering if the new principal would save a dance for an old friend,” asked Anton.


“I’d be honored.”


Reaching down, Anton took Elsa’s hand and walked her up the steps to the top of the balcony to head down to the dance floor.


“I think that’s my cue to go down and see Hayley. I promised he a dance…” Jason said giving Tommy a look that explained all.


“I’ll come with,” remarked Trent, leaving Tommy alone.


Reaching the dance floor, Jason located Hayley, and tapped her on the shoulder.


“Want to dance?” he asked with a soft smile?”




Taking her hand, he led her out on the floor, his hands taking up very polite locations as he held her. They moved with the music and Hayley watched his eyes. She knew that there was something he wanted to say, but didn’t know how.


“So, you’re heading back to Angel Grove?”


Jason was silent for a moment. Things between the two of them had simply stayed at a simmer, and he didn’t think it was any good to keep forcing the issue.


“Yeah. I think it’s time for me to go home.”


Hayley nodded, realizing that she’d been expecting this for a while. Actually, if she was honest, it had been since the day she’d called Jason for help nearly nine months ago. Jason had come here to help Tommy. Not for her. And while they’d had fun and been there for each other, things just never seemed to take off.


They were going their separate ways.


And that was okay with her.


Above in the balcony, Tommy watched his best friend and the woman who’d pushed him to get his degree dancing, knowing that Jason was leaving and whatever he and Hayley had had was over. Also on the dance floor, Conner and Kira danced together. They really made a hansome couple. And in a lot of little ways, he was reminded of him and Kim…


“Hey handsome,” said the voice belonging to the woman in question, and Tommy’s head turned and his eyes zeroed in on the body attached to the voice and took a deep breath as all the air seemed to rush from his lungs.


Kimberly stood at the top of the stairs and then began down them. She was dressed in a form fitting deep purple dress. The split up one thigh was high enough to make any man drool at the firm expanse of skin being exposed as she took the steps down towards him, not to mention the plunging neckline.


“Like anything you see?” she whispered as she finally stopped beside him.


“Everything,” he nearly growled, but forced himself to give her a polite kiss on the lips. Things were going well. They’d just started talking about long term plans; putting down roots and maybe more than that. But for tonight, they were just a couple in love.


“I was surprised to see Anton with Principal Randall,” Kim said as she laid her hand on his tux covered arm.


“Maybe there was a connection there before, or maybe it happened while they were Elsa and Mesogog. But for the moment, they seem to be okay.”


“How’s Trent?” she asked.


“Good. He seems to realize he did the right thing, even if it hurt some people that he’d lied about Mesogog for so long.”


“So, you going to stand up here all night, or come downstairs and dance with me?”


“I think I could be persuaded.”


Kim gave him a stunning smile as he held out his arm for her. Without hesitation, she looped hers around his and they made their way up the stairs. Tonight’s destination the dance and home, and tomorrow’s…


Well, that would be the next big adventure.




Okay, that’s it. Series over. I again apologize for stringing this out forever, but I hope it was worth it. J.